Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stripes or not...

Moms just informed me that she purchased a table-top loom for Christmas. I am excited to be getting it, as it will allow me to further my skills in the fiber arts. I won't be ready to try a spinning wheel for quite a long time - I'll leave that to Moms.

So, will this new, soon-to-receive addition, I thought dyeing my own yarn, spun by Moms of course, would be pretty interesting. I found this tutorial, which is more for knitting and crocheting, but who's to say I couldn't use the same technique to dye yarn for weaving.

You can check out the tutorial and learn something really cool! Thanks, Eunny!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bent Objects

I have just been introduced to the coolest art blog. Terry is very talented and his work is really witty and whimsical! He is also a bit of a kindred spirit. I am looking forward to the publication of of his book. I KNOW I will buying it.

So, please check out Bent Object Art!