Monday, August 27, 2007

More on ITE IV

I got a message today in a comment from the recipient of the bag I knitted for the International Tote Exchange IV. I have copied and pasted her post from the ITE IV blog, just in case it gets lost on that site. I hope you don't mind, Kris!

"Better Late Than Never!

Thank you, CC! I received this bag a month ago, but just recently had time to take pictures with a borrowed camera(I'd love to get myself a new one soon!), and I'm home from traveling. What a great bag this is! It's so soft, roomy, and lined with a dark blue marbled cotton fabric that coordinates with the color scheme. It's sturdy, and I love it. :) Again, thank you, CC!
CC also sent some lovely Mosaic FX yarn, a crocheted coin purse (I'll be using it to hold knitting accessories), Mary Kay Embrace Fragrance Mist, and Lip Gloss, along with a great Manicure and Pedicure Set. I've been spoiled, and thank you so much, CC!!!!"

I'm so glad she likes it. It was a bit bothersome for me to create, being my first tote, and all. And I was a bit worried that she either didn't get it or didn't like it. Now I know the answer to both.

I feel good enought about this exchange that I think I will do more in the future.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

When Pigs Fly .....

I found a cute free pattern the other day and just couldn't resist making it up. I've given one to my dh so he can take it to work. He can show it to people who want him to do the impossible. His response, of course, can be "When pigs fly ...." Besides, he's so cute!!!

I think I'll also make some for Christmas gifts.

Follow the link if you want to make one of your own. It took me less than a day to do it.

Aerial Pig

Monday, August 13, 2007

It's A Winner!

My filet Phaleonopsis won a blue ribbon! And, even better, it was awarded a rosette for Best of Original Art! Wow! I didn't expect this and I'm a bit overwhelmed. What great news after the events of the past few days. Something nice to get before going under the knife.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Thursday I was hit with a stabbing pain in my lower abdomen at about 3 AM. It was so bad that I couldn't sit upright or even stand upright. I was able to find a semi-comfortable position and dozed for about 2 hours. When the doctor's office opened I called and made an appointment.

After being seen by a partner of our general practitioner, I was informed that the pain was probably diverticulitus or appendicitis. I was sent to another facility to have a CAT scan. Oh, that barium drink tastes so horrible!

The results of the tests confirmed that I did, indeed, have acute appendicitis. So, if was off to the hospital I went. Thank heavens for drugs! I was finally able to lay down without feeling like I was being stabbed.

The illness was caught in the early stages, so now all I need to do is recouperate. Oh, I hurt! Thank God for vicodin!

Moms is gracious enough to stay in town to help me and the girls.

It was a blessing from God that my parents were in town when this illness struck.

Too bad the doctor wasn't willing to remove the excess fat or even tie the tubes while he was in there. And instead of getting the appendix in a jar, I got some pictures of my insides. I won't be posting those!

The marvels of modern medicine.....

I'm off to take more pain pills and then to bed.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My first fair entry

My parents are taking the filet Phaleonopsis Orchid, my original design, entering it into the Orchid Show at the Indiana State Fair tomorrow. I hope that it is well received! I'm a bit nervous.